About Us

SVA has highly trained experts from various fields that take care of client’s requirement and they follow the highest standards and techniques in the recruitment field. The team assures that a continuous quality is maintained and these experts conduct regular researches, update database and provide in house training to all the members of the organization to maintain the smooth and hassle free functioning.

The team also makes sure that deployment is not the only factor for effective recruitment but also a lot of focus is stressed on post recruitment services. SVA believes that real success does not only lie in putting the right person for the right job at the right time but also fulfilling the client’s expectations and that is the prime reason why we have been retained by our client’s as the manpower sourcing partners.


It is his farsightedness and deep knowledge of the trade that he gained over 30 years which has helped SVA become the top recruiting company in this region. Having started his business in a very small way he has become a leading icon in the trade and is an inspiring success story for new entrepreneurs in this trade.


In 1982, Dr. Arifur Rahman left his medical practice to provide better
services for his countrymen who needed foreign currency to develop their impoverish country, Bangladesh. He organized ten unknown recruiting offices in there and managed to promote their services into an international level.
He has established multiple professional training centers to develop the skill of general workers. His roles in the manpower export of Bangladeshis were so important that he was even documented in an UNDP report about the development of Bangladesh. Since 1982, Dr. Arif has provided around one million Bangladeshis with satisfactory jobs, and so all professionals in the manpower business recognize Dr. Arif as the main promoter of foreign employment. Thus in 1990, we combined with Dr. Arif to extend our association. Together we have been successful in promoting our company's services  to some of the  top class multinational companies. We continue to share his experience for bigger and better manpower placement and engineering challenges. Our license in Bangladesh is on his name.